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Right approach for KSEB / KPSC Technical exams

Right approach for KSEB / KPSC Technical exams

Right approach for KSEB / KPSC Technical exams

The KEY strategy is that , aspirants interested in technical jobs should prepare comprehensively the subject and concepts  rather than prepare  for ONE exam. 

The TRUTH is, its actually EASY to grab a job through KPSC if you have the right approach. 

One should NOT have an apprehension that preparing with previous question papers is sufficient to crack technical exams these days. Often aspirants think this  or prepare for one exam through guides and old question papers  as they are misguided  or are unaware of the  exam trend and strategies.

This is why we always tell our students

FIRST understand the level to which preparation is required ( all Assistant Engineer level exams have almost the same syllabus and so does the Sub – Junior Engineer level exams ),

SECOND  study the concepts , get conceptual clarity and develop logical reasoning ,

THIRD systematically adopt a 3 -level question solving approach i.e.  practice /practice/ practice what is relevant, solve using the shortest methods, with minimum errors. 

Only after a good understanding of concepts, students should try to workout the old question papers or else students may tend to limit their level of preparation and this can prove wrong during actual exam. 

Benefits of understanding the concepts and comprehensive preparation

Initial preparation may seem difficult as students feel preparation with previous “rank-files” is sufficient and it may seem to be easy but the recent trend of exams show how KPSC is shifting to better and professional exam pattern with new sets of questions and more of application level questions with minimum repetition ( repeated questions and easy one word type were the usual trend during previous  KPSC exams). #check the KPSC technical exams of past 3 years.

 This strategy of preparing for “one exam” may prove to be a futile exercise or may not help aspirants secure a good score enough to ace the exam.

 As the competition is high ,all serious aspirants should aim to score high and not just Qualifying marks.

To ace the exam one must diligently try to prepare with a  3 TIER STRATEGY ”  which we follow at “SCORE ACADEMY ” with an extensive “FOUNDATION PROGRAMME “+ “Exam Specific Module” sessions.

Only then can students be confident and approach exams of any difficulty level.

DON’T judge the level of questions from previous KSEB SE and KSEB AE as standard. Previous questions were simple and the competition level during last exam was nothing compared to now.

When it comes to KPSC exams like KSEB sub engineer electrical, KSEB Assistant engineer electrical and KPSC Assistant engineer , aspirants are competing  with fellow aspirants within Kerala unlike exams like ssc je ,rrb je and other central level exam. So even though the vacancies may seem to be less, the number of serious aspirants are also limited within Kerala. Candidates should make the best conversion of this advantage. 

Good Luck !!!

Always committed and happy to help serious aspirants 



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